VK Group has announced the start of accepting applications for testing a domestic game engine. She also revealed the name of the engine — Nau Engine.

VK said that the open source engine is suitable for developing games for consoles, PCs, smartphones and browsers. Everyone will be able to use the Nau Engine, regardless of the level of training.

“The engine is an integral part of the entire gaming ecosystem. The main principle of Nau Engine, developed by a team of independent professionals, is the path from simple to complex and a low entry threshold for everyone. Thus, the creation of games becomes available to any enthusiast. Embodying his ideas, he chooses how deeply to dive into the nuances of development,” said Alexander Myasishchev, head of development at Nau Engine.

VK officially started developing the game engine in February 2023, allocating 1 billion rubles for the creation of the basic version. According to the plan, the full release of the Nau Engine should take place in 2025.