Polish studio People Can Fly has announced that KRAFTON will soon become its shareholder. The companies agreed that after People Can Fly issues new shares, 60% of them will be bought by the PUBG developer.

In a press release about the deal, the studio did not say how much KRAFTON would pay her. But according to other documents, KRAFTON has committed to buy about 3.51 million shares at a price of 40.2 zloty ($9.35) apiece. Thus, the stake in People Can Fly will cost the Korean company $32.8 million.

It is also reported that under the terms of the agreement, if People Can Fly changes its mind to independently publish the games Project Victoria and Project Bifrost, it will have to offer KRAFTON to become their publisher.

In total, as a result of the transaction, KRAFTON will own 10% of People Can Fly.