We are publishing a new list with gaming vacancies. This week they are wanted: a middle-level narrative designer at Belka Games, an accountant at WN Media Group and a leading UA manager at Dankolab.

The selection was prepared by Marina Lopatina, Director of Business Development of Talents In Games. Recall that this is a job search service and a recruitment agency.

Marina LopatinaMiddle-level narrative designer in Belka Games (Remote work)

Belka Games is a developer and publisher that specializes in mobile games.

The company is primarily known for titles such as Solitaire Cruise, Bermuda Adventures and Clockmaker. In total, her projects have collected over 100 million downloads.

The Belka Games team needs a narrative designer capable of creating unique stories, worlds and characters.


  • creating a whole narrative of the game: thinking through the visual component of the game, the pitch, the ent, the characters and all other game aspects;
  • writing and editing scripts;
  • maintaining a logical connection between the plot and the mechanics of the game;
  • communicating the vision to colleagues, the ability and desire to find compromises;
  • search for best practices and use them in games.


  • understanding the mobile games market;
  • experience of passing story-oriented games;
  • experience as a narrative designer;
  • the ability to create a narrative of games for a specific target audience;
  • knowledge of trends in narrative design;
  • ability to work in a team with leading designers and game designers. A basic understanding of how they work;
  • professional empathy;
  • strong communication skills;
  • knowledge of English at Intermediate level and above.

Bermuda AdventuresAccountant at WN Media Group (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

WN Media Group is engaged in the development of the B2B ecosystem.

It includes business events WN Events, an online platform for events WN Hub, media App2Top and GameWorldObserver, as well as a job search service and recruitment agency Talents In Games.

The company needs an experienced and attentive accountant.


  • calculation and calculation of wages, as well as taxes from the photo;
  • timely reporting to government agencies, preparation of monthly, quarterly, annual reports (4-FSS, 6-Personal income tax, RSV, 2-personal income tax), control of payment of necessary taxes and contributions on time;
  • conducting advance reports;
  • maintenance and accounting of settlements with buyers and other debtors: reconciliation of settlements, invoicing, acts and invoices for sale and formation of acts of reconciliation with counterparties;
  • making bank payments;
  • execution of orders of the chief accountant.


  • at least five years of experience as an accountant;
  • impeccable knowledge of the 1C system;
  • knowledge of English at Intermediate level and above;
  • openness to new things, calm attitude to routine tasks, responsibility, honesty and exceptional attentiveness.

Leading UA Manager at Dankolab (Remote work)
Dankolab is a studio that has been developing mobile games and applications for over 10 years.

During this time, she has created more than 100 projects for iOS and Android.

The studio is looking for an experienced manager who will engage users.


  • development of procurement on dedicated channels to achieve KPIs. This will have to be done through the leadership of UA managers and independent connection in the focal points;
  • mentoring of UA managers;
  • development of relations with partners;
  • development of algorithms for working with channels to increase their qualitative and quantitative results.


  • purchase experience of at least two years;
  • experience of leading UA managers;
  • understanding the principles of Facebook Ads(owned by Meta, a company banned in the Russian Federation), Google Ads, SDK Networks (Unity, Applovin and ironSource);
  • knowledge of English at Intermediate level and above;
  • experience in game development will be a plus.

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