InvestGame analysts reported that in the first quarter of 2023, the volume of public offerings, private investments and completed mergers and acquisitions in the gaming market decreased significantly. They amounted to $2.1 billion against $15.4 billion in January-March 2022.

▪️In total, 193 transactions related to games were carried out during the quarter. A year earlier, there were 277 of them.

77 out of 193 deals fell on gaming companies (i.e. publishers and developers). The remaining operations related to esports organizations and companies engaged in gaming platforms and technologies. The volume of transactions with gaming companies is $0.4 billion (-92.7%).

The majority of all 193 transactions were private investments — 141. Their volume amounted to $1 billion (-71%).

The second most common transactions were mergers and acquisitions — 43 transactions worth $0.6 billion. Their volume decreased by 94% compared to last year.

▪️Nine public placements were made during the quarter. Their volume is $0.5 billion (-20%).