Based on the AppMagic database,App2Top editors have prepared a report on the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games in April.

The most downloaded games in April

Spring has made adjustments.

Here is the situation: all the first three months of the year there was a lull in the charts of the most downloaded games: there were few new products, they did not rise above the fifth place in downloads on any of the platforms.

In April, the situation changed significantly: six new products appeared at once in the tops of the highest-grossing games in the world.


Publisher: Scopely


A mobile variation on the theme of the board game of the same name. That’s just from the original, the novelty got only the style and the fundamental principle — the need to throw dice to move your own chips across a square field with various businesses. In other aspects, the game is very different. For example, if in the original “Monopoly” the player receives money only from the purchased real estate, then there is a payment from each cell. That’s just the moves take energy, replenished over time (or for currency). With the money earned, the player builds a city.


  • Total downloads for April: 14.1 million;
  • Android downloads: 7.5 million;
  • iOS downloads: 6.6 million

MONOPOLY GO!Drawing Carnival

Publisher: CrazyLabs


This is a hyper-casual game, which can also be attributed to the direction of ultra-casual projects. In Drawing Carnival, the user’s task is to trace the contours along the dotted line and paint the resulting shapes in different colors. The project is not about creativity, but about performing repetitive actions.


  • Total downloads for April: 12.2 million;
  • Android downloads: 12 million;
  • iOS downloads: 0.2 million.

Drawing CarnivalMy11Circle फैंटेसी क्रिकेट ऐप



This is a mobile application for the fantasy sports platform. We wrote about its competitor — Dream11 Fantasy Sports — this January. It is incorrect to call such programs games. My11Circle allows users to assemble their own teams from real athletes, and then compete with other users for real money.


  • Total downloads for April: 11.9 million;
  • Android downloads: 11.9 million

My11Circle फैंटेसी क्रिकेट ऐपHonkai: Star Rail

Publisher: miHoYo Games


A new game from the authors of Genshin Impact. According to reviewers, Honkai: Star Rail differs from the studio’s previous game primarily in three aspects: the combat system (it has become turn-based), the world structure (now it is not an open sandbox, but a set of levels-corridors) and the setting (steampunk instead of fantasy). As for other aspects (pumping, gacha, combat passes, etc.), here the projects are very close to each other.


  • Total downloads for April: 12.4 million;
  • Android downloads: 4.8 million;
  • iOS downloads: 7.6 million

Honkai: Star RailEpic Heroes- Save Animals



Sci-fi battler, which has a separate game mode where the player must save the dog from bees. The marketing of the game is just completely built on advertising this mode. Previously, we have repeatedly written about similar cases. There are quite a lot of games that gather an audience in this way now. Apparently, the approach has proven its viability.


  • Total downloads for April: 4.9 million;
  • Android downloads: 0.3 million;
  • iOS downloads: 4.6 million.

Epic Heroes- Save Animals合金弹头:觉醒 (Metal Slug Awakening)



A modern reading of the arcade classics, available so far only to the Chinese audience. The current incarnation has got a completely updated graphics. Otherwise, the game is close to the original.


  • Total downloads for April: 3.2 million;
  • iOS downloads: 3.2 million.

The highest-grossing games in April

There are no significant permutations in the tops of the most profitable mobile games of the month, as there are no new games. In May, we are waiting for the appearance of Honkai: Star Rail (in April, the game earned $ 28 million, which was not enough to get into the top ten, but if the game manages to keep the current level of $ 4 million per day, then it has every chance to get into the box office top three by the end of May).

Out of curiosity: a return to all three box office tops of Playrix games. After two years of stagnation, the company’s monthly revenue reached the level of 2021. Now she earns about $150 million a month with IAP. This happened against the background of a significant increase in the volume of downloads of the company (in January, their monthly number doubled relative to the level of September-November 2022).