11 years have passed since the release of the Japanese Puzzle & Dragons mobile battler, but this does not prevent the project from still making good money. Sensor Tower estimates that by the end of February, Buttler’s revenue exceeded $6.7 billion.

Puzzle & Dragons earned almost the entire amount at home — Japan accounted for 95% of revenue. The second largest market was the USA with 1.9% (over $ 130 million), and the third — South Korea with 0.7% ($ 47 million).

On February 17, during the celebration of the 11th birthday, Puzzle & Dragons was able to take first place in the box office top of the Japanese App Store and stayed on it for five days. For two more weeks, the project was consistently in the top 5. As analysts noted, it is necessary to thank the anniversary event and the subsequent collaboration with Gundam for such a result.