The administration of the Texas city of Fort Worth wants to increase the number of jobs available to residents. She turned to ProbablyMonsters, which was founded in 2016 by the former head of Bungie, Harold Ryan, and asked to open a division in Fort Worth.

The city authorities are ready to allocate grants totaling $1.5 million to the gaming company for five years. But only if a number of conditions are met. The main one is that during this period ProbablyMonsters is obliged to hire at least a specified number of people annually, so that by 2028 the staff of the local office will grow to 300 employees. Moreover, the annual salary of employees should be at least $ 75 thousand.

It should be noted that according to approximate calculations, ProbablyMonsters will spend over $66 million on salaries of employees alone over these five years. Whether the company agreed to such a deal or not is unknown.