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Dmitry Filatov, CEO of the Narwhal gaming accelerator, published some statistics on gaming companies on his DogDog telegram channel. He tried to calculate how many video game-related organizations there are in the world right now: publishers, game development studios, outsourcing studios, platforms, game investors and others. He also looked at which countries their headquarters are located in.
The year 2023 was remembered by the gaming industry for massive cuts. The wave of layoffs affected both indie studios and corporations: Embracer Group, CD PROJEKT, Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Blackbird Interactive, Ascendant Studios and many other video game-related companies announced layoffs. According to the portal Since January, 10,466 specialists have lost their jobs.
This year’s last episode of Games and Names, a games industry podcast launched by AppMagic in partnership with WN Media Group, wraps up 2023 for the mobile games market and the industry in general. Here is a recap of the main trends and the biggest challenges that developers and publishers have faced over the past 12 months.